Top Emerging Technologies To Consider For Your Enterprise In 2023

With the coming new year, the world of business will experience big changes. From 5G and the Internet of Things to blockchain, new technology trends are creating digital transformation for companies on a global scale.

Emerging technologies for enterprise

5G will go mainstream

It was already clear enough to telecom companies that 5G was the way to go. Deploying this technology will be important for various tools such as IoT. Around 51% of companies using IoT have seen better insight into customer needs, behavior and preferences.

5G Technology

Customer data platforms

The past few months have seen the rise of customer data platforms. Organizing fragmented data from multiple sources is not easy. A recent study estimated that $3 trillion a year is lost to bad data.

Cybernetic network

The advantage of this technology is that it allows people to put a security wall around individuals rather than around the entire organization. The sudden rise of remote workforces and cloud technologies has affected the security of corporate assets beyond its perimeter.

Intelligent composable business

This trend focuses on taking advantage of packaged business capabilities. You can develop it through vendors or do it in house. ICB helps bring things together, including better access to changing data, better decision making, and application delivery.

Hybrid cloud

Most companies are moving to a hybrid cloud model. The reason is simple hybrid cloud is more convenient. It helps businesses find a balance for their specific cloud infrastructure needs. Most of the giant public cloud providers have started to focus on hybrid cloud. Some of these include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle and IBM.

  • Privacy.
  • Safety and compliance.
  • Exponential data growth.

Privacy and confidential computing

It includes encryption of the entire computing process and not just the data. This creates additional layers of security to help protect sensitive information. In 2023, we should expect more privacy and confidential computing in action.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to improve the operations of many companies and businesses. The pandemic has even increased its use. We have seen how AI has helped in the suggestions that customers receive when shopping on Amazon or even watching movies on Netflix. More companies will benefit from AI as the cloud continues to provide access to increasing computing power, software and frameworks.


Every year, newer and better technologies will be developed based on the needs of businesses and consumers. It is best to follow the emerging technology trends of 2023 and choose the right career with futuristic.