Guidance Of Developing A Mobile App in 2022

Mobile app development is the process of planning, developing prototypes, testing, and deploying software that functions on mobile devices. Mobile apps are small, self-contained programs designed to run on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.


Basics of mobile applications, application market, common mistakes to avoid in the design and pre-development stage, how to decide between internal development and agency, choice and strategy of the technology stack, selecting a mobile app development company, and costs to be expected.


Common development methodologies, mistakes to keep away from for the duration of the development process and phases.


Keeping your app running: maintenance and costs, mobile app promotion, marketing, mistakes to avoid after launching your app.

Guidance of developing a mobile app

Concept for your mobile app

The first step in developing an application is to establish the overall concept of the application. Ask yourself what objectives you want to reach and how the way the mobile app can assist you do so.

How your app will make money?

This might seem like a later step, but you really need to think about how your mobile app is going to monetize as it will affect your UI design.

Understand the features you need and you want

Many companies make the serious mistake of including too many features in their mobile app, especially in the first version. A better option would be to reduce the desired functions to desired features and necessary functions. Only integrate the necessary functions in V1 of your app.

Design the UI

Once the wireframe and customer journey are approved, an app designer designs the user interface, adding graphics, colors, designs and more to create a well-branded, engaging experience. Our industry analysts have determined the best mockup tools on the market that designers use to convert their ideas into concepts.

  • Adobe XD.
  • Custom Scene.
  • Placeit.
  • Mediamodifier.

Develop the app in a testing environment

Once the mobile app is designed, the heavy lifting begins, which means the app developers start coding the platform. You should do this in a test environment so it can be tested throughout the entire development process.

Test/QA every feature and function within the app

A dedicated QA professional expert should conduct extensive QA testing that ensures every feature is working as it’s supposed to. If they catch a bug in the test environment, developers can fix it before the app launches to ensure users don’t find out.

Make your app available for download

Once your app is completed, an app development agency will launch it in the applicable app stores so users can begin downloading and using the app. The most popular are the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.