5 Steps To Effectively Communicate With Your Developers

As a social entrepreneur with a bold vision, your role is incredibly important in turning your idea into reality. The success of the project depends on your ability to understand your users, build a great team and promote your project effectively. Your understanding of the mysteries of programming is not nearly as important. Below we discuss about 5 steps to effectively communicate with your developers.

Communicate with your developers

Work with people who share your values

Communication becomes much easier when your software developers not only understand your vision, but share a commitment to the same things you value. Partnering with a team that truly cares about your project can make a big difference not only in the final product, but also in the process of getting there. This is where a reliable and efficient software development company comes into play. Hire a team that can deliver what you need without getting an advanced degree in technical jargon. Your project is important to you, and you should be sure that it is also important to the developers of your software.

Stay in control

You need to be sure that you are both psychologically and practically in control of the project. Features, timelines, and the like should be driven by you, not your coder. Their job is to find a technical solution to your problem and also keep you fully informed so that the project focuses on what is really important to you. But even in a great team, communication problems can slow down or even sink a project, leaving all parties disillusioned and frustrated Speaking up early when things don’t make sense helps ensure that small problems don’t grow into big ones.

Remember that the code is not the goal

Whether intentional or not, coders can sometimes fall into the trap of seeing code as the end goal. Focus on value for the end user. After all, your project is only successful if it brings real benefits to its users. Don’t let this happen to you! Anticipating potential problems early with that in mind, here are some key tips for communicating with developers Some people prefer pictures, others illustrations.

Make sure you have access

Make sure you have ownership, control and full access to domains, hosting and source code. Even if you don’t use them regularly, you should have credentials and admin roles on different accounts connected to your project. Modern software development methodologies may lead you to believe that less documentation is better, but this may not always be the case the best documentation provided is the user interface. The user interface not only shows the developer where the data should be and how it should be formatted, but also represents the basic flow of what needs to happen.

Listen to your gut

There are countless stories of someone who ignored a gut feeling and later found out that their gut was right. If any aspect of the process feels “off”, pay attention and speak up. Clear early communication will help prevent small problems from becoming big ones.


As designers, we make hundreds of decisions about every interface we work on. Whether it’s the height of the navigation, the amount of text in a table phone, or the alignment of text in a footer, we have to make many decisions every day.