Best Programming Languages For Mobile App Development In 2022

Even though the mobile industry appears as crowded, digital transformation for corporations has ended up a need.  However, this market is still thriving, and it is not expected to sluggish down at any time shortly. Forecasts for 2022 and beyond indicate that the number of applications and the amount of money spent on them will continue to expand.

Choosing a particular method can highly depend on your business goals and corresponding capabilities. Mobile programming can easily share many languages ​​used for network enhancement. Having a concept of app languages for developing mobile applications is useful not handiest for developers but also for their clients.

Programming languages for mobile app development


Today it has become very popular. In fact, according to Version Eye, which tracks open-source software libraries, Java has the most completed open-source tasks by developers. Java is the most important and widely used Android application programming language. Most organizations prefer Java as it provides flexibility to application developers for fast and error-free mobile application development.


If you plan to develop iOS, like developing apps for iPhone and iPad, you should seriously consider learning Swift in 2022.

Objective-C & Swift

They are object-oriented and allow you to group similar tasks together in the coding process, which significantly accelerates and simplifies the work of developers in the course of front-end mobile app development. Now that you recognize what iOS applications are developed on, you can get familiar with the development environments used by programmers here. Cocoa frameworks are written in Objective-C and are therefore the preferred language for developing Cocoa applications.


Android developers don’t just write in Java and Kotlin despite a popular cliché. There are additional mobile programming languages to research here. You can find out up to 8 most popular ones suitable for Android app development.


The maximum crucial cause I can think about mastering dart is flutter which makes growing crossing platform apps surely easy. If you need to search for Flutter, I recommend selecting the dart programming language.

React native

React native is a programming language that allows you to create packages with a graphical user interface. Instead of focusing on the browser, it targets the mobile platform built on Facebook’s JavaScript library. JavaScript is the cockroach of the data technology field because of its appearance.


Kivy is an open-source library for creating cross-platform packages, for example Android and iOS. Let’s face it, Android developers who write mobile apps in the Python programming language are rare, but they exist and enjoy great support from the vast programming community/C++ C languages ​​are positioning themselves as high-performance languages, and this is crucial, especially if we are talking about something as heavy as a mobile 3D game.

But it is worth booking right away that you should still switch to Java without this language, you cannot create a full-fledged mobile application. The Android NDK will allow you to write only part of the application in C/C++, for example, a library that can be linked to a program via Java.

Mobile app development platforms and tools

When presented with the best development conditions, programmers often consider IDE. The IDE is a complex of different tools: text editor, compiler or interpreter, built-in automation, and debugger. Both paid and unsecured, they can include great developer tools. Therefore, Microsoft Visual Studio used by Xamarin for cross-platform development is one of them, etc.


Mobile app development is a growing industry and new mobile app programming languages are being created to update the previous ones. The programming language for mobile app development not only has high business demand but also makes you proud of your work.