5 Ways Branding can Magically Boost Your App Traffic

Mobile apps are the present and the future of online business. Research indicates that there are more than 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide who spend 88% of their time using mobile devices with various mobile applications. A mobile app definitely gives your business an edge in reaching a global audience on their preferred platform. The number of mobile apps is huge, so how do you make sure people download yours before others.

Boost your app traffic

Remarketing on Facebook and Twitter

Install the Twitter pixel and the Facebook tracking pixel on your website so that you can continue to offer your products or services to customers who have already visited your website. Just install the code snippet on your website and reach potential buyers with an ad when they use these two network sites.

Market through emails

Did you know that email marketing is three times more effective at driving conversions than any social media campaign. It increases brand awareness, drives proper website traffic and gets more customers.

Don’t forget to have

  • Interactive subtitles.
  • Sharp and concise content.

Be active on LinkedIn

More than four million companies are listed on LinkedIn company pages. If you have a company page on LinkedIn, actively share updates on it regularly. Share blog posts published on your website, industry or company updates.

Convert content to images

One of the smartest ways to repurpose content and increase brand recall is to use SlideShare. If you want to showcase yourself as an expert in the field, start sharing content on it. Owned by LinkedIn, this sharing platform hosts text content, videos and infographics.

Create a webinar

Another way to establish your brand as an authority in the market is through webinars. They are content-driven and offer a vast platform to communicate with customers about business if designed correctly. If your customers prospects are impressed with what you have to offer, they are more likely to visit your website to learn more, buy your products or service, and complete any calls to action embedded on your website.

Do outreach and guest posts

Even if your website and social media are nicely optimized, you still need to showcase your content to your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to republish your content in a major publication. There may be a persistent myth in the market that republishing can be bad for SEO.

Create a referral marketing campaign

However, even if your content is absolutely amazing, sometimes less than half of the expected people will visit your post and share it further on social networks. This means that when they share your post with their friends, you give them something in return. This is an incentivized click trigger.

Use online reputation methods

Stay in the limelight, but for all the right reasons. This is why you need to emphasize Online Relationship Management as well. This solves two problems You can even start a blog on Quora and publish business articles, redirect readers to the website. It’s easy to start a paid marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website.


Treat it like any traditional product launch and take the time to build a solid app acquisition strategy. Remember that the quality of users you attract to your app is more important than the quantity, so make sure you understand your target audience and build your ads accordingly.