12 Best Apps For Small Businesses

To make every part of your business faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Put your payroll on autopilot, get better benefits for your employees, hire better employees, track your bottom line, and communicate more effectively with customers. Below we discuss about 12 best apps for small businesses.

Apps for small businesses

Square point of sale

The Square Point of Sale app is free to download and can be used either as a mobile POS on your smartphone or tablet at your counter. With Square Point of Sale, just make a payment and you’ll see the money in your account within two business days or sooner. If you need your funds even faster, you can choose instant transfers at 1% of the transfer amount to get paid the same day.

Intuit quickbooks

Intuit QuickBooks is a huge help when it comes to your accounting and bookkeeping needs. It includes robust tools to track your spending and sales. Users appreciate being able to use their mobile devices to send invoices and receive payments via email.


Xero’s accounting app helps you take care of your bills and expenses, pay your employees, and manage your orders. Your data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it from your phone, tablet, or laptop and it also means that if one of your devices is lost. Xero’s accounting app helps busy business owners manage expenses quickly and easily, and even allows them to track their cash flow in real-time.

Zoho books

Zoho Books manages invoices and quotes, tracks payments, and lets you upload receipts directly from your phone or tablet. Users appreciate that the program is easy to use and requires no training. You can easily track time and invoices from your device and access company invoices. Business owners appreciate that the app’s real-time updates allow their workers in different locations to see the same information repeatedly, reducing communication errors.

Square invoices

With Square Invoices, you can create and send invoices right from your mobile device, as well as track invoice status.


Dropbox keeps all your business files safe, synced, and easy to share. It is an excellent tool for team organization and collaboration. It only downloads files when you need to access them, so it doesn’t take up all your storage.

Ship station

The app offers batch label creation and connects with the best shippers. The web-based system is hosted in the cloud and allows you to process orders, print shipping labels, track shipments, process fulfillment orders, and even receive order notifications on your Apple Watch.

Sales inventory

Shopventory is an easy-to-use and advanced inventory management system for small and medium-sized businesses. You can see profit margins, compare multiple locations, and track sales trends. Note that payments and point-of-sale software are supported but must be secured separately.


Reduce email back-and-forth with Slack, a real-time messaging, archiving, and collaboration tool for teams. Especially useful when not everyone is in one place. The Slack business app offers a variety of messaging options, including direct messages, group chats, and private channels that others can’t join or view. It also lets you drag and drop files, so you can share information seamlessly without having to switch to email.

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Make it more expensive

You can import expenses directly from your credit card and generate free expense reports. To record a spend, just take a picture of it with your phone, and the app will read the receipt and create the spend.


Evernote is a great tool for organizing all the notes you make about your business as well as your to-do lists. Evernote automatically syncs your data between mobile and desktop devices for quick and easy access. Evernote’s business app also makes it easy to store additional media, allowing you to quickly scan or clip web articles and images.


It can automate workflows, standardize work requirements, and visualize projects in real-time across multiple teams. You can integrate Asana with your email and calendar platforms and use its reporting tools to manage your workload and find ways to be more efficient.


There are many other applications that can help you with your business. Although it all depends on what kind of business you are running, choose accordingly.