Top Mobile App UI Design Trends For 2023

App use is exploding, with the latest surge in popularity coming from the COVID restrictions of the past year and a half that have forced even the most hesitant consumers and business buyers to shop and manage their affairs online. In 2023, app design will evolve as user preferences and technology continue to change rapidly.

Mobile app UI design trends

3D elements

Because they’re so prevalent in app design, 2D graphics aren’t as effective at capturing users’ attention and deepening engagement as they used to be.

Abstract, geometric art

It is an effective alternative to stock photos for brands that are working on a limited budget or lack the resources for high-quality photo production.


Simple animation is already common in app design, but in 2023 look for more detailed and creative uses of animation, especially in conjunction with illustrations and icons.

Visualization of creative data

By creatively presenting data and allowing users to see the trend rather than read about it, UX gets a big boost, not only through better communication, but also through simpler and cleaner page design.

AR and VR

Beyond the inherent user appeal of user interfaces, AR and VR promise to gain traction as COVID restrictions and tight travel budgets put pressure on B2B and B2C to expand virtual events.

Face ID

Face ID provides increased data security over passwords in addition to the convenience it offers. Touch ID, an older technology, is also an improvement over password access, but Face ID will set your app apart from the crowd by making it even more user-friendly.


Accessibility for the widest possible spectrum of users gained a lot of ground in 2023 and its importance will continue to grow. In addition to the societal factors that are giving accessible design momentum, litigation related to digital accessibility is on the rise.

Transitions, shadows

These simple but underused UI design techniques add a 3D quality to content that serves to better capture and hold the user’s attention, especially when used for background effects.


Chatbots also serve organizational needs by freeing up customer service staff to work on complex issues, streamlining communications and better monitoring.


Page loading speed

Few things infuriate users like slow-loading digital content. As we’ve discussed in this article, striking a balance between engaging, immersive design and loading speed is a design challenge that’s sure to intensify in 2023.


The pressure to simplify will certainly increase in importance in the coming year as users continue to suffer from information overload and ever-shrinking attention spans. Attractive page design with lots of white space makes the UX more inviting and allows users to get to the information and interactive features they want faster.


Emerging technologies for mobile app platform development, growing backend platforms and microservices combined with new hardware capabilities will continue to drive mobile app solutions.