7 Most Common App Development Questions

Mobile strategy, specifically mobile application development, is a priority for many companies. Launching an app requires thorough research and strategic planning. There are several questions to consider when you begin the process. Understanding the following questions will help guide your decision-making process and determine the appropriate mobile strategy to achieve your goals.

Common app development questions

  1. How feasible is my idea

One of the most common questions in app development is whether the app that is about to be designed, designed and developed is even feasible. The only way to get an answer to this question is to test the idea in the field of real prospects. Until you pitch your idea to potential customers, or at least see how an app similar to yours has performed in the market, there’s no way to know if yours would succeed.

  1. Who are my target customers?

One of the most impactful questions for mobile app development is to know who you are building the app for. Before you start anything, you need to know who the end users of your application are. A comprehensive study of the demographics of the app’s users is what you need to know who the app is for.

  1. What is the mobile application category?

Although it is clear, your app should be such that it can be classified in any of the categories that are prevalent in Play Store and Apple Store. Knowing your app category will shorten your competitive research to a great extent.

  1. Are there similar applications on the market

Competition takes a very important place not only in the app development process but also in deciding the future of the app and as a result in our list of mobile app development FAQs.

  1. How would I protect my app idea?

Finding ways to protect your app idea from being copied is one of the most common mobile app questions we come across. The truth is, you’ll be in control of your app idea until it’s launched. Once deployed, the moment your competitors see the positive reviews, they will try to implement the idea in their mobile app as well, until and unless you have a patented app idea that again only works on some levels.

  1. How long would it take for the app to develop?

Another realistic question of mobile app development is the time it would take to develop the app. Depending on the complexity of the application, you should have at least a rough idea of ​​how long you should expect to develop the application. It usually takes around 6-7 months to complete the app development process from idea to launch, some technical apps can take a year or more. 


Mobile apps are the most proven method of marketing strategy. This is a great opportunity to reach out to customers and sell your product or service. Hence, mobile app development questions requires careful planning and focus to deliver a seamless customer experience.