Why Your Business Needs An Agile Software Development Team?

The agile software development team process emphasizes flexibility, changeability and responsiveness of agile principles. To achieve agile principles, the project should be flexible, changes should be made to the product as needed, and the team should respond to stakeholder feedback at regular intervals.

Agile software development team

Reduces technical debt

Technical debt refers to the maintenance tasks required to support an existing product. These tasks include defect resolution, refactoring and testing. In a traditional project methodology, this technical debt can quickly accumulate as the team focuses on developing new features to keep up with the project timeline.

Adapt to changes easily and quickly

Agile recognizes that customer needs change and that teams must be able to adapt. Working in time-bound iterations means the team doesn’t have to wait through the lengthy process of changing requirements, review and approval. Any change or maintenance item is added to the backlog and allocated for the upcoming sprint based on priority and business needs.

Higher product quality

Waterfall methodology can negatively affect product quality. In the waterfall methodology, project phases can be so full of features that developers have to rush to complete them, leaving little time for testing.

Predictable delivery dates

Agile iterations take place in time-bound sprints that result in a working product in each release. So the product owner knows that he will get new features at the end of each sprint.

Better stakeholder engagement

In a waterfall project, stakeholders are not inclined to participate after the requirements gathering phase and only re-engage during User Acceptance Testing.

User-centered testing

Agile means more than adapting to change. It’s about delivering what’s most important to the customer. The concept of user stories is in sharp contrast to the relatively long list of requirements developed in traditional development methodology.

Greater customer satisfaction

Their participation in this way ultimately fosters a level of engagement that ensures their needs are met. Not only that, but at the end of each sprint they will see a working product and be happy that their team can deliver versions faster and more often.


Agile is an exciting and fascinating approach to software development. When agile programming is done right, organizations can continually find ways to increase value for their customers. It gives more meaning to those actively working on the project, and creates a more positive experience for the customer and a stronger bottom line for the company.