Cocos vs Unity: Which one to choose for game development?

Mobile Game developers create services that can be made available for many platforms but with special focus on Android and iOS. The most fruitful option will be to avail a development environment that will allow you to help multiple platforms from a single instance of game development. Let us go complete this blog to understand which one to choose for developing 2D games between Cocos vs Unity

2D games can be prepared to engage with eye infectious graphics, powerful storytelling, and motivating gameplay. Also, 2D games can be made well-matched across wide varieties of devices and platforms. 2D game developers work with modern technologies and engines-HTML5, Unity, Cocos2DX for generating different games of multiple genres. 


Unity is a cross-platform gaming engine which aims multiple platforms containing desktops, consoles, and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Unlike several other gaming engines, you can grow both 2D and 3D games in Unity. Most mobile game developers and small to huge game studios in the world use it to construct interesting and addictive games like Temple Run and Assassin’s Creed Identity. Recently, we also developed a thrilling game “Pigs in Peril” using the Unity engine. In this game, you have to show your quick responses by rescuing the dropping pigs.


As its name proposes, Cocos2D is a 2-D game engine which supports multiple platforms and languages. You can also use its irregular named Cocos2D-x to develop cross-platform games targeting Android and iOS. So, if you want to develop a 2D game for these two platforms, then Cocos2D is most possibly the best option out there for you. Best of all the gaming engine is available in multiple languages, counting Objective-C, Java, C++, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript creates it easier for game developers to code using scripting languages and make use of the underlying engine presentation.

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Evaluation of Cocos vs Unity Game Development Frameworks

The contrast of Cocos, as well as Unity, would definitely contribution you to make a decision which one would be the very best for you:

Previous Programming knowledge 

If you have a reputable encounter of coding in C and also C++, you could begin result out Cocos2D. Nonetheless, for an absolute beginner, Unity3D is continually the better choice. All that you will surely have to understand is operative expertise of a few of the sustained languages (Unity script, C#). With detailed tutorials being offered online, that is scarcely an uphill struggle.

Cocos vs Unity -Programming Language

Low-end development support 

As a new developer, you ought to start with a tiny, simple game. Cocos2D provisions better chances on this front. With this development structure, games with sizes as reduced as 1.5 MEGABYTES can be developed. On the other hand, the smallest dimension of games/apps created using Unity3D has to be 8 MB. The dimension of the app you want to grow is, for this reason, a critical influencing factor.

Cocos vs unity -learning curve

Learning curve 

Longer as well as histrionically steeper for Cocos2D. Those that are new to the playing field of gaming software, as well as mobile app development, often obtain confused while judgment out about ‘tips’, ‘particle systems’ and also ‘bitmap font styles’, particularly. Although extremely beneficial, the CocoStudio requires some time to get used to too. Unity3D is way simpler toward learn. If you truly keep at it, you might begin making your app within 2-3 days.

Quantity of Manual coding 

Cocos2D is open source, and persons need to create the bulk of the code lines themselves. As we have already pointy out, if you are not contented with coding (or do not have the time for it), alternative Unity3D is advisable. There is a small ‘beta’ feel about Cocos2Dx too, which most app development specialists do not delight in.

Time management 

It’s a tie amongst Cocos2D as well as Unity3D, as far as the time-factor is anxious. The Unity Editor in the latter aids developers removes unnecessary extravagance of time– because apps/games can be straight checked on it (deployment with gadgets is normally not required). If you are equipped to spend some added time, you will catch the Cocostudio to be just as time-efficient too. There is a host of admiring third-party tools and also additions that make the work of iOS app developers easier.

Cocos vs Unity - Time management


Essential for Unity3D users, not a lot for those employed with Cocos2D. On the earlier, each of the game objects wants to be coded separately– and also there is a crowd of Unity scripts related to every game or mobile application. To a precise level, this does alleviate the time-advantage obtainable by the Unity Editor.

Appropriateness for custom mobile app development 

When it includes compatibility with different stages, Unity3D wins pointers down. While Cocos2D is nearly solely made use of by iOS app developers, Unity comes in handy for creating Chrome applications, apple iPhone games/apps, and even Android applications. Likewise, as it is rather perceptible from their names, Unity3D is the much-recovered choice for making three-dimensional games as well as applications. Cocos likewise has a 3D version, but it is not as outstanding.

Advantages of Cocos vs unity 

Design Environment

There is no joined design environment in Cocos2D. The design of interfaces and screens has to be complete with filling images, coding and placing them with C++. However, in some case outside graphics editor like Cocos Studio can be cast-off to configure positive objects. This editor is also less proficient than that of Unity. On the other hand, Unity Editor is fully joined. Cocos Studio is not highly integrated and it functions on an XML file. On the other hand, the graphical editor of Unity allows the users layout and designs Unity acts with convenience, to pullout light effects, objects, scripts, physical effects, etc. This is mainly done by modifying parameters and dragging workings.

Cocos vs Unity - Design Environment

Programming Language

Unity 3D lets you custom JavaScript or C#, while Cocos 2D customs C++. Both JavaScript and C# are influential than C++ and also facilitates in programming procedures and actions with fewer difficulty. Unity will support in focusing on game development structures. The code editors for Unity like the Visual Studio or MonoDevelop are modest, stable and inclusive than the Cocos. In one term it can be held that Unity supports in saving valuable time which not likely much with Cocos.

Community and Extras

Unity 3D is a very powerful development tool. This power is supported much with charities from others via the App Store. This store aids the developers in large numbers to sell their properties, plug-ins, and developments. These plugins contain 2D textures, 3D models, applications, extensions, materials, animations, scripts, etc. which can be bought free or can even be transferred from the official store of Unity. Cocos is lacking in all these profitable features and profits.


This blog covers a comparative study between Cocos vs Unity for game development. Both have their pros and cons. If budget is not your restriction and if you are seeing for various games to be played across platforms, Unity should be your choice. But if you need to create simple and attractive lightweight games within a detailed budget then you can go for Cocos2DX.

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