Android Best Adventure Games

Developing games for smartphones has been somewhat of a journey for the video game industry. Adventure games are among the utmost unique of any games. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure.

There is nothing that can beat the eagerness of playing adventure games. The Play Store is full of them. If you like to play adventure games in your free time and are confused about which one would delight you the most, then here is a list of best Android adventure games.

Game of Thrones

For those who are in love with the series, this one is a faultless game. One of the most well-known shows of HBO can now be played as a game. The story is about the House of Forrester who is from the north of Westeros and expresses of their loyalty to the Starks from Winterfell. The entire game is set in six incidences and each one becomes more thrilling than the last. As war encroaches the Five Kings are seen fighting amongst each other and seven dominions are seen torn up amongst their disgusting wars. You can take the role of dissimilar characters in the Forrester household and your choices will choose the fate of the war.

Game of Thrones- Adventure

Download: Games of Thrones

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Ice Age Village

You’ve perhaps watched the Ice Age animation a thousand times. Now, we have a big astonishment for you. If you’re a fan of Ice Age animation, don’t miss this chance and download the game now.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the more determined android adventure games. You essentially go out into the real world and catch Pokemon, fight at Gyms, loot the Poke Stops, and much more. The escapade element is a little more literal in this game than others. It does necessitate you to go seats on your own and play the game in those locations. Players wander the open world and catch Pokemon, battle in gyms, battle each other, trade Pokemon, collect numerous items, and do all kinds of other stuff. Recent updates also added some fun AR gratified as well. It’s a freemium game, but enduring players can avoid it.

Adventure games - Pokemon Go

Download: Pokemon Go

Escape the Titanic

Escape the Titanic is an alternative very popular Android adventure games for mobile phones. As its name recommends, your task is to discharge the Titanic before it sinks. In this game, you have an accidental to get to know the story of the legendary Titanic in much detail and join 3 million other players who try to escape the Titanic.  The main features of this Android adventure games include: a nice fascinating and addictive both escape and adventure game for Android, it’s also a logic game where you must to use your brains heavily to achieve to escape, a lot of stimulating puzzle challenges in various rooms, you can play the first chapter for free and you essential to pay for the remaining chapters, overall there are more than 50 puzzles, stimulating hint system, lots of concealed objects to determine, nice cartoon visuals and more. 

Samorost 3 – Atmospheric and Evocative

Samorost 3 was generated by the same developer who made Machinarium and this is also a little gem. The game rotates around a gnome who finds an enchanted flute and needs to find out where it came from. The visuals are reminiscent of Machinarium and the gameplay is quite original: there is no discourse, only sounds and imageries to advance the plot and actions.

Download: Samorost 3

Thimbleweed Park – Best retro adventure with a modern twist

Thimbleweed Park is a great retro adventure game with a lot of modern features from Monkey Island/Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert. Suggestive of the X-Files and Twin Mountains but with a strong absurdist twist, you control a pair of idiosyncratic FBI agents studying a murder mystery in a likewise idiosyncratic town.

Thimbleweed Park - Adventure Game

The puzzles are stimulating, and even more playable characters become obtainable to enable some original and complex (if not always completely logical) answers to the various mysteries. But if you’d rather just enjoy the fashionable pixel visuals and weird humor deprived of having to trough your brow too much, there’s an easy mode that goes bright on the brain-teasers.

Download: Thimbleweed Park

Ys Chronicles II

Ys Chronicles are two RPG games. It is the popular Android Adventure games in the early 2000s. They service the hack-and-slash system and the story revolves everywhere finding the six sacred books that are cast-off to banish the whizzes from the Esteria kingdom. In the second game, the story remains further. That means you’ll certainly need to start with the initial one. The mechanics work very well on a touch screen and they’re relatively low-cost. DotEmu has a bunch of other outstanding console ports.

Download: Ys Chronicles II

Adventure- Ys Chronicles II

Detective Grimoire

Among the Android adventure games on this list, Investigator Grimoire might be the most casual title. It’s brief, lacks problematic puzzles, and there are no scheduled choices. However, that’s not to say it’s a bad game. It’s highly elegant, the interface makes perfect logic for mobile phones, and it owns a quirky charm. Your performance as the titular detective whose goal line is to solve a killing mystery in a “tourist attraction” placed in a remote swamp You’re not too satisfied with that. What’s worse, your primary suspect is a cryptid. The gameplay contains collecting hints on each screen and making the rare connection between characters, actions, and objects.

Android Adventure Game - The Wolf Among us

The Wolf Among Us

This is one of the best Android adventure games. It derives from the makers of The Walking Dead. The characters from the fairy tale have run-away to our world. This is an amazing game which is created on fables and the decision you take could lead to different values. The Bigby Wolf is the character you control. You are examining the murder of a woman and gather all the evidence. They can be studied from the inventory later on.

Download: The Wolf Among us

Dead Effect 2

This is an action sci-fi shooter game that bids console class action to its gamers. There is a story that you want to follow and within it, you will train and raise in your character. You can gather and upgrade the guns that you have. You also get body-implants that are high-tech and have various roles and structures. The sounds and movie-quality and history are done by expert voice performers.

Download: Dead Effect 2

Android Adventure Games - Dead effect 2


As lovely guitar music plays in the background, you help a little robot to save a town that additional robot is annoying to destroy. It is a point and clicks style game, with casual steampunk graphics and a unique concept. Your robot leading role can extend or contract its frame slightly, and only objects within reach are exposed as interactive.

Download: Machinarium

Batman – The Telltale Series

You can now pass the role of rich and handsome Bruce Wayne who is Batman too. The game has remained set in a way that the player would have the selection to turn to Batman or Bruce Wayne. The game has been made in the background when Bruce Wayne has recently definite to become Batman. There are soundings which let the character use their skills to take the narrative forward. 

Download: Batman

Batman- The Telltale series

List of Best Android Adventure Games

Beat Cop

Beat Cop is a neat tiny retro game. It plays deeply on the 1980s in both gameplay, looks, and story. You play as a former investigator. The detective was suspect of killing and now must make his bones as a beat cop. You examine the murder to figure out who outlined you while also carrying out your usual cop responsibilities. Decisions you make disturb certain parts of the game. The visuals won’t win any prizes, but it’s certainly an enjoyable game otherwise. You can demo the game for free. The full game costs $4.99 with no added in-app purchases or ads.

Download: Beat Cop

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