Develop Your Own On-demand Car Wash Mobile app

Mobile phones become changed the way humans used to do their activities. Increase your business efficiency by choosing a car wash mobile app clone script and experience more output in business. On-demand, business is about provided that with rich customer service experience to users. It concentrates on customer fulfillment and provides an advanced platform to both businesses and customers.

How does a car wash mobile app work?

It is impartially simple to work. Here are the simple steps

  1. Register and log in to the app.
  2. Select and Schedule your car wash order.
  3. Detailer will reach your specified address and will take nearly a minimum of 25-30 min for the wash.
  4. You will get the Payment position done once you are done with the payment procedure and will also get a price cut if you have a Code or coupon.

Feature of car wash mobile app – a big success app

Placing wash order

Here Customers can choose the package for which they want to opt and can habitation the order for a wash.

Location service and map

Customers can select the location using Map and GPS and can avail of the Wash facility at their preferred location.


The specialist will be well-versed through Notification when a wash order is located or Cancelled.

Tracking wash order

 Patrons can crisscross the grade update for their commands. They can be checked whether the Washing Firm has received the command, Posted or complete with the order.

Browsing wash-technicians

One can also browse the best accessible technician neighboring and can avail of the service from the best available technician.


Here payment can be scheduled easily over m-wallet removing the need to transfer hard cash among us.


Customers are notified Via SMS for validation or cancellation of any order as well for the Payment process.

Quality assurance

After the Car has availed the facilities as per the suite, we can have look at the Car complaint via Picture / Images over which class of the expert can be assured.

Car wash mobile app features

Admin panel

  1. Tracking Detailers.
  2. Time Zone Management.
  3. Feedback Management.
  4. Payment Management.
  5. Service Management.
  6. Manage user jobs.

Customer panel

  1. Sign-up/login.
  2. Request Service.
  3. Location of the Car.
  4. Packages & Services.
  5. Check Availability.
  6. Online Payments.
  7. Order History.

Cleaner Panel

  1. Login/ Register.
  2. Add Service Location.
  3. Push Notifications.
  4. Accept/reject Service.
  5. View Job History.
  6. Get Paid.

The technology stack of car wash app

Car wash app creators have to focus on the top car wash mobile app technologies. To bring the best app, it is authoritative to utilize modern and innovative technologies for longer-term use.

User interface & experience (UX/UI)

To take the basic mobile app, car wash developers use the knowledge apparent CSS3 and Bootstrap to build the front end. For the backend, they utilize Ruby, Django, AngularJS, and Python. For Android platforms use java, whereas for iOS development use swift. The car wash mobile app plan should be developed in the best way as designing is a new factor.


Cloud storing has been measured as a safe medium and servers like Google cloud storage and Amazon data server storage can be utilized securely. Whereas, now the advanced cloud environments are AWS and Azure.

Real-time analytics

It is crucial to know about the users who are visiting the website, bounce rate, the number of downloads, Orders captured by interested users. The real-time analytics delivers real-time data to the users.


Data is a vital part of any organization and to manage is that much tough. To succeed the user and detailer information in the greatest method car wash app developers can select machinery like CassandraMySQL, MongoDB, and HBase, etc.

Location tracking

To track the real-time location, of the user and service provider on iOS and Android platforms, app developers design to track the place in google maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOS. It is a perfect solution to go with.

Location Tracking

Advanced features

Cloud management

Execution of cloud technology derives a great deal in handling all the data more securely. All the associated data equivalent to the customers, whole shellers, orders, and costs are saved on the cloud for making the workflow of the business very unified. An On-demand Car washes Mobile app with wide-ranging cloud technology aids a lot in making the business accessible plus displays and secures all the information and data stored on the protected servers thus protecting the overall business honesty.

Cloud Management

Offers and discounts

All the correlated offers and discounts are alerted to the users for keeping them agreed with the upcoming deals. Offers and reductions work as a great standard in keeping the users focused and encourage them to avail of your facilities when required. Moreover, upgrades and offers help to grow the visibility of the business. Therefore, implanting into a car detailing mobile app can make it a big hit across the whole industrial role.


Distinctive payment methods such as Stripe, Braintree, PayPal’s Mobile SDK, and Apple Pay are accessible nowadays. Users just hate to call the physical sites of the service provider for making the payments. The thought of making the expenses within an app is included by today’s users, as it enhances their comfort. Integrating the online payment methods offers convenient methods to the users for making the payments with a very suitable and hassle-free method and at the same time increases the visibility of the app.

In-app chat/ voice call

In-App Talks allows the detailers and the users to connect in a very clear way. The users can search about the status of their orders or in the circumstance of any request. They can also confer about some other facilities and can request them for availing of them too. The aforesaid strategy helps significantly to handle the user’s attention and at the same time creates user loyalty for the app.

In-App Chat / Voice Call

Push notifications

It works excessively for expanding user attainment and retention. An On-demand car washing mobile app planned with push technology works importantly in keeping the users informed about the newest deals, offers, order standing, and much more. Needless to say, Push notifications can show to be quite transformational in pretty your business visibility and at the same time saves your custom engagement with the app. They can also be shown to the users previous to the before order end and car delivery to keeping them focused and alert.