10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Organization

WordPress plugins are software components written in PHP that can include additional functionality on your WordPress sites. Plugins simplify the process of adding functionality to a website without compiling a single line of code. Additionally, the plugin provides a robust set of filters and a hooks that allow developers to change existing features or add new features with a WordPress.

WordPress plugins

WordPress forms

A contact form is essential for a website as it is the channel the viewers can get in a touch with you. This plugin can be a integrated with all the leading payment and marketing platforms and devices to which you can create a powerful forms in an instant.

Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in a increasing traffic to your website. WordPress allows you to a create SEO friendly websites, and by a using SEO best practices in a increase traffic to your website. Yoast SEO is a considered one of a leading WordPress SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO


Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that evaluates all comments and filters out spam comments. This WordPress Premium plugin offers advanced security solutions in addition to spam protection.

Wp rocket

A fast page load time is a critical for any business and a caching solution is an ideal efficient way to achieve this. Wp rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin that helps speed up a loading of your website.


Finding a quality solution for a proper backup is one of the permanent requirements for a website owner. Updraftplus is a leading WordPress backup plugin. Its backup and a restore features make it is a very easy to install, configure and a backup your WordPress site.

Migrate guru

Migrate guru is a specialized fully automated wordpress a migration plugin that provides the easiest, fastest and a most reliable way to migrate any wordpress site. A migration process, there are options to skip a unnecessary files and a save the migration to repeat the migration in the future with a single click.


WooCommerce is a wordpress ecommerce plugin a make selling anything seamless. With a large number of themes along with an unlimited customization option, the ability to a digital, affiliate and physical products and countless conversion optimization tools, it is unique in a list of wordpress plugins in terms of a usability.

Woocommerce - Open-Source Ecommerce Platforms


Redirect is a popular wordpress redirect plugin that helps you with a redirects and tracking. It is a plugin for tracking broken links and a orphaned pages. As such, you can create a redirect-to-redirect future visitors to a page to the appropriate pages.


A monsterinsights wordpress plugin, you can set up google analytics on your website in just a few clicks and a website is performing. In addition, monsterinsights tracks ecommerce and a provides you with important metrics such a conversion rate, total sales, top referral sources, and top products.

Wordfence security

It offers a secure login system and a scan for malware to a block suspicious external attempt. A receive alerts every time something unusual happens on your site in a term of security.


A presents many architectural options for a running wordpress. The easiest option is to a install on one server for a websites with low traffic. The advanced sites, webmasters and add several additional options, each a representing incremental development in a term of availability and scalability.