Why Choose Vue.js For Developing Web Applications?

Vue is a platform that you can use to develop modern web applications using several resources. It mainly focuses on the display layer and is gradually adopted by many giant companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Trivago, Adobe, Grammarly, GitLab and many others. Vue.js is an exceptional framework for developing single page applications these days.

Vue.js for developing web applications

Light weight

The Vue.js framework does not take up much space and is not heavy, which helps to create lighter final applications that therefore download faster. In addition, this characteristic of the Vue.js framework improves user experience and search engine optimization.

Wide range of tools

The Vue.js framework has a large number of tools that improve its functionality. Software engineers can extend it and share it with the community. Therefore, projects that implement the CLI can stay updated for a long time. A rich GUI makes it easy to create, develop and manage projects.

Flexibility and integrability

An indicator of intensive development of any software tool is its integrability with the most popular and widespread applications. The Vue.js framework has proven to be highly integrable. Its integration capabilities rely solely on JavaScript and do not require additional tools to function properly.


When you need to increase the performance of one of your projects, it is a good idea to rework it within Vue.js. Vue.js can consistently get into the codebase without having to rewrite the entire item. All components can be worked on one by one, making the entire code much more flexible.


Vue.js is less dogmatic compared to Angular, while offering official support for various build systems, with no restrictions on how the application is structured.

Comprehensive documentation

Through documentation and training materials are a great help during the development process. These instructions show what the framework has to offer, including all the recent improvements and updates that have been introduced to Vue.js.

High performance

Vue.js works extremely fast. Apart from being one of the fastest web development frameworks, it also offers a perfect user experience in single page applications and user interfaces.

Popularity among industry leaders

You can find industry giants such as Netflix, Wizz Air and Nintendo among the loyal followers of Vue.js. Although React.js and Angular developer positions are more common in the job market, Vue.js has a steeper learning curve, making it easier to learn.

Focus on small scale projects

The Vue.js community cannot boast of available adaptations for large-scale projects. It does not offer consistent support for immediate troubleshooting. This is a significant shortcoming, as this support would be a must for large companies.

Lack of experience

This framework has not been around as long as most of its competitors. It was not immediately adopted by the development community and took some time to gain definitive popularity in the industry.


As Vue.js has gained popularity among the development community, it has a number of advantages over other frameworks.