Trending App Ideas: What To Expect In 2023?

Mobile devices change our lives every day, for better or for worse. Apps make us faster and more efficient at tasks, freeing up time so we can fit in more tasks. Mobile apps help us with everything from basic communication to commerce, from managing finances to managing health. Which makes the mobile app market a very profitable place.

Trending app ideas

Travel app

Travel is one of the wonders of globalization. With more open borders and travel accessible to more people, travel apps have seen a lot of growth. Very different mobile app ideas fit into the travel app category.

  • Apps that provide city tours – and show tourist spots, museums, parks, galleries and more. These apps are suitable for the whole family and offer users to discover important places and provide tips on what to see.
  • Apps to find a place to stay – Airbnb is an app of this type: it helps tourists find lodging with locals that’s cheaper than staying in a hotel. And of course, there are also apps that offer hotel bookings. Many include city guides, but they’re usually not as rich as in dedicated tour apps.

Application of recipes

With the growing popularity of lifestyle apps, delivery apps and messengers, feel free to develop a recipe app with dietary recommendations. Cooking is routine, so users would like to see an app with categorized proven recipes to make their everyday life easier. You can monetize a mobile app like this by promoting food companies or using a subscription model.

Reading application

If you don’t want to compete with such big players, focus on more specialized content. You can create an app with children’s books, art nonfiction. Create a library, publish audiobooks or translations into different languages ​​for reading and practicing vocabulary.

Food delivery aggregator

The food delivery app market is growing. According to Business, total revenue from such apps in the US which means that this niche market is quite promising for startups. These apps work with different restaurants and stores and vary in price  so users often have to download different apps to satisfy all their needs. Another good idea is to add some search filters so users can find the best option for their situation.

Video streaming app

Although many people still prefer a full-screen display, most users cannot carry their laptops around all time. You can offer a cross-platform video streaming service that would work great on all devices. To stand out, include a variety of content: movies, shows, news, lectures, and product reviews. And monetize this service using a freemium model.

Music app

It’s hard to compete with Spotify, but you can still excel in the music app market. You can also add reviews from music journalists and a search filter to your taste. Some monetization options include selling promotional merchandise and concert tickets, or partially monetizing your app content.

Networking app

People are active on social media, but there aren’t many networking opportunities on Facebook or Instagram. Meanwhile, there is a need in the market for networking platforms  not for finding employees for a certain position, but for long-term or short-term business partners.


This is the end of our list of mobile app ideas that are trending in 202 and likely to continue in the years to come. To know whether each idea present or absent here will work, you’ll need to do market research and analysis.