5 Powerful Productivity Tips For Busy Developers

In the dynamic atmosphere of change that is the software development industry, it’s important to find ways to stay on top of deadlines and be productive on a daily basis. With hundreds of tactics people use to stay productive, it’s important to find the ones that work for you as a programmer to make your workflow easier and more efficient.

Tips for busy developers

  1. Write it all down

Google Sheets, to-do lists, a notepad on your desk, sticky notes on your monitor, a white board it doesn’t matter what you choose. Find a method that works for you and write down anything potentially important as it comes to mind. As developers, we all know that when your work day involves managing several small tasks, it’s easy to lose track of one of them.

  1. Know your most productive hours

Since our habits develop differently depending on how we were raised and what we had to do to meet our responsibilities in the past, the most optimal working hours are different for many. I have personally observed that repetitive and easy tasks are better done in the morning. Whereas more difficult or challenging tasks that require more focus and dedicated effort, I can handle them much better and faster in the afternoon.

  1. Get a head start

When starting a new project, start putting off pieces of work right away. The longer you put off starting work on an assignment, the harder it will be for you to get into the mindset to work on it.

  1. Check your email regularly

The emails are piling up, so you absolutely need to stay informed in your inbox as new developments are definitely something to keep an eye on.

  1. Dealing with distractions

When you work with people every day, it’s virtually impossible to go through the day without being interrupted by a colleague who needs help or simply asks you to chill with them. If it is time-consuming and can wait, try to arrange a better time that works for both of you.


In addition, many developers also suggest to refactor the code and write proper documentation and avoid premature optimization of the code.