Redis vs MongoDB: How To Differentiate And Which One Picks?

Redis is a familiar and rapid fast in allocating memory structure records store principally used as a reserve or a communication connector. Existence in-memory disk, it’s the information supply of high-quality after comeback periods horn the whole thing.

MongoDB is an on-disk storage document store that delivers a JSON edge to data and has an actual expansive query language. Known for its rapidity, competence, and scalability, the database is presently the greatest prevalent MySQL database used nowadays. Though, the existence of an on-disk record is not compared constructively to an in-memory record like Redis in standings of a complete performance. But, with the obtainability of the in-memory storing the engines for MongoDB, an additional straight assessment converts the feasible.


Redis is an open-source and Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) approved platform. It helps as a retention database storage resolution and often to uses a database, cache, and message broker. Redis can sustenance data structures by counting elements like threads, confusions, organized sets, a variety of queries, bitmaps, hyper logs, geospatial directories, slopes, sets, and torrents.

Redis is a set of features and an out-of-box replication, Lua scripting, transactions, and numerous stages of disk consistency. It also can deliver high accessibility over the use of Redis Sentinel, as well as an involuntary division with Redis Cluster.

Redis vs MongoDB

Advantages of redis

  • Redis is the in-memory cache, splitting messages, and the expansion of growth for requiring outstanding performance.
  • Redis is an outstanding prime for hiding some input values.
  • The Redis can shape data structures and develop several records to retrieve and request information.
  • The download and installation steps are simple, and the record is illegal to access to manageable.
  • The construction of the database achieves substantial data to the clear key-value pair structure.
  • The Redis is a functioning transportation communication scheme that is sufficient imitation for several technologies within a single cluster.

Disadvantages of redis

  • Absolutely, The Redis is approximately deficiencies should be conscious of.
  • It doesn’t manage the encoding on the element.
  • No source to separate parts and responsibilities privileged the file.
  • Since the info is kept in distinct operational elements are linked in matches are rigid to deliver the thoughtful bunching.
  • Purely the database is the information into Redis. The record delivers the structural assistances to switch the exchangeable and organizing of record details in the future.


MongoDB is an excellent MySQL Record available with cross-platform document-oriented database software. Its customs a document-related database structure that cares about numerous procedures of datasets. It is the major problem for non-relational database structure knowledge is ascended under the MySQL post for big data submissions and additional dispensation works are connecting the data that doesn’t appropriate in a tough relational model. The MongoDB is expressive of the circumstance that MongoDB records go outside the restrictions of SQL and old-style interpersonal record administration systems to deliver a highly flexible and high presentation.

Redis vs MongoDB

Advantages of mongoDB

The MongoDB is an additional outdated record with progressive data handling structures think combinations and map-reduction functions and a query-based language.

Normally using MongoDB as the main database, your operational function and development profits are a single database to study and handle.

Disadvantage of mongoDB

With an in-memory database engine, it delivers not at all perseverance until the MongoDB is positioned as a copy a set with resolve constructed and capture the replica(s). A qualitative comparison and operational differences will be covered in subsequent posts.

Difference for redis vs mongoDB

And as a final treat, here are the greatest useful visions from user involvement for selection among Redis vs MongoDB:

  • Revise the level of your expansion crew beforehand creation a high-quality choice. In the beginning naturalness of MongoDB interrelates into the highest pick.
  • Handle the limit for the expansion assignment and characteristically, Redis receipts to grow the interior structure of queries and convert the development results.
  • Measure the difficulty of the advanced task for a definitive MongoDB database is the greatest one for modest work and comfortability. Also, the database feature for beginner-level software developers or the sides works in originations or through Hackathons. In additionally Redis is less breaking, use for complex things, and never flexible.


Validate what learn about the project development. Feel somethings are missing to learn, prefer MongoDB. But want to pick Redis, get ready for explicit of defining how to accommodate data to use the database easily.