Top Most Dependable NFC Payment Apps

The recent years, digital payment options emerging alternative resolutions. In Near Field Communication (NFC) payment apps are getting more traction with enormous appreciation and this innovative payment mechanism has garnered huge popularity in the world-wild. Similarly, NFC payment encryption innovation turns your mobiles into a secure and convenient payment. It has transformed the way users received data, and share information across devices. Benefits of NFC, we may not need our wallets anymore or maybe not even have to save the bills and you can simply “pay as you shop” with your mobiles. Not just that you can pay at the sellers, but also transact with your friends and connections too.

How does NFC work?

The NFC technology permits two remote devices to connect wirelessly. The payment works like our credit and payment cards but with the use of mobiles. To pay at the cash desk of any store, it would be sufficient to put the phone near the reader to record the payment.

NFC is an extension of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), it combines a smart card and a reader within a single device. In contrasting QR-Codes and barcodes, RFID chips are not “read or decoded,” but real communication is engaged between devices. However, it is vital to make sure that the phone has built-in NFC technology and is enabled for use.

The thought of paying via mobiles can trigger the feeling of insecurity, particularly when we are so familiarized with possessing our cards and money. Equally, NFC payments are exceptionally safe, essentially offer more security than the magnetic-stripe cards.

Most secure and dependable NFC payment apps

Apple pay

Introduced in 2014, is an NFC technology that is supported by iPhone 6 and later version, iPad, and Apple Watch that allows customers to pay “contactless” in-store. It uses the same validation system much like your credit card, except the fact that it is on your device. Retail POS terminals that support Apple Pay need to use Apple Wallet, which is a built-in iOS application used to store your credit/debit account numbers. Besides the iPhone, NFC is also supported by Apple Watch and can use cards added within Apple Wallet.

Google pay

This famous NFC payment option is well-suited with all Android devices from version 5.0 and above. Google Pay is supported on a wide variety of Android devices and includes a built-in e-wallet for enrolling debit and credit cards for electronic payments. Google Pay provides a list of the nearest stores accepting service, displaying current payments, or receive money. Thanks to the innovative level of encryption with a detailed confirmation process, the card data is always secure with Google Pay.

nfc payment apps

Samsung pay

A Samsung payment system is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. This is currently the second most popular NFC payment apps due to its ease of use and security features. They use biometric sensors of smartphones such as an iris scanner and the fingerprint reader, while all the transactions are encryption secured and with Samsung Knox. 


PayPal Mobile is an NFC app developed by PayPal and it makes worldwide online payments as easy as national payments. Sending and receiving online international payments becomes convenient with clear terms and conditions. Both the sender and receiver need to have PayPal accounts in case they wish to transact among themselves. Installing the app on mobiles has made it even easier to do so. You must be a credible user and it is not necessary to have a balance in your account to transfer funds.

nfc payment apps

Mastercard paypass

 This PayPass payment app is comprised of the MasterCard feature, at no additional cost. It allows the customer to pay for purchases at merchants who have a PayPass terminal. Every electronic encryption is unique for every payment with each user’s cards and smartphones, and data remains secure against any holdup or damage. 


We will pay with our smartphones and NFC applications are the reason for that amazing future. Because of the several current MasterCard information breaches, now is a great time to use a solution that shields our wallets from theft and scam. Now, most vendors use NFC-based contactless payment set up for simple mobile app payments. Smartphones that are compatible with Google Wallet can right now utilize these terminals and You’ll find one will be the right & best mobile payment app fit for you and as well as your business too.