Frequently Asked Mobile Application Development Questions

After answering the same mobile app development questions to different clients in different time spans, I thought it would be better to create a comprehensive list and answer the questions here for quick review.

Mobile application development questions

How feasible is my idea?

Until you pitch your idea to potential customers, or at least see how an app similar to yours has performed in the market, there’s no way to know if yours would succeed.

Who are my target customers?

Planning your mobile app development process according to your target customers will only bring you many steps closer to the success of your app.

What is the mobile application category?

Your app should be such that it can be classified in any of the categories that are prevalent in Play Store and Apple Store. Knowing your app category will shorten your competitive research to a great extent.

Are there similar applications on the market

Competition takes a very important place not only in the app development process but also in deciding the future of the app and as a result in our list of mobile app development FAQs.

How would I protect my app idea?

When you’re in the ideation and conceptualization stage, you can protect your idea from being shared by signing an NDA with the app development agencies you deal with.

How long would it take for the app to develop?

Depending on the complexity of the application, you should have at least a rough idea of ​​how long you should expect to develop the application.

What would be the cost of developing the application?

We have created a guide called How much does it cost to develop a mobile app to help you get the range you need to keep aside.

How do I raise funds for the application?

The every revolutionary idea also deserves a comprehensive, well-planned app development team that comes with a price tag.

How do I prevent it from failing in stores?

In-depth market research and timely remediation of your users’ problems are the only two ways you can compete to outrank your competition in the millions of app stores.

How often should I update the app?

While some brands update their app every other week, there are some that haven’t updated their apps in over a year and there is no concrete evidence to suggest which approach is better.

How would the app help my customers?

This is one of those mobile app development questions that you need to master before you even start looking for the right app development partner.

How do i secure my application?

At a time when our mobile world is full of cases related to app data breaches and their security risks, it is essential that your app is secured from all angles to avoid a future that is full of risks.

Will be released at once or will have multiple releases?

While usually updates are added once the apps are launched, there are brands that want to launch MVP due to cost and technical aspects.

When should I plan to launch the application?

You should try to schedule your app for a time when there is no event happening in the world, as this could distract from your app.


To target a large customer base, you need to focus on launching an app that can perfectly distribute your services to customers and also help you meet your business goals.