Why Use ExpressJS Over NodeJS For Server-Side Development?

When it comes to web development, developers and companies often have a dilemma about using ExpressJS vs NodeJS. If you too are looking for some compelling reasons to choose the ideal programming language, we have the solution for you. Both Express and Node are similar in terms of usage and syntax.


NodeJS is a popular app development platform that is open-source and runs on servers. It is a cross-platform Javascript code that developers use today to develop scalable applications. these days. The platform uses a model that is asynchronous and event-driven. It is specially designed for developing robust network applications.

Popular applications using NodeJS


ExpressJS is a web application framework used for NodeJS, this is the main difference between the two options. ExpressJS has several outstanding features that make web application development easy and fast. Conversely, web application development takes more time when used alone.

Popular applications using ExpressJS

  • Accuweather.
  • Yum.
  • My place.
  • Accenture.

ExpressJS over NodeJS


ExpressJS is a flexible and minimal NodeJS framework that offers a powerful set of features for web development such as sessions, routing, caching, etc. NodeJS, uses a non-blocking, event-driven model, making this an efficient and lightweight option for server environments. Developing such an application is easy with NodeJS as it provides speed and high performance.


Express is primarily a middleware and routing framework that helps develop APIs, web applications, and mobile applications. NPM can help to install Express as a dependency because it is then easy to use with NodeJS. The asynchronous operations allow you to provide high throughput and scalability to your application. NodeJS does not create multiple threads, all connections are easily managed within a single thread.


It offers all the necessary tools to facilitate the testing process. When using NodeJS, the platform makes some larger assumptions about the structure of your application. This helps make your application’s tests easier to write, but it also means you can find a few potential problems with the code structure.


When it comes to using ExpressJS vs NodeJS, you can easily use one option alongside the other to achieve a fully functional website or app.