10 Top Cybersecurity Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022-2023

With the digital revolution surrounding all businesses, small and large, businesses, organizations and even governments rely on computer systems to manage their operations, thus cybersecurity is the primary goal of protecting data from various online attacks or any unauthorized access. Constant changes in technology also mean a parallel shift in cybersecurity trends as reports of data breaches, ransomware and hacks become the norm.

Cybersecurity trends

1.Rise of automotive hacking

Modern vehicles nowadays come packed with automated software creating seamless connectivity for drivers in cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags and advanced systems for driver assistance. These vehicles use Bluetooth and WiFi technologies to communicate that also opens them to several vulnerabilities or threats from hackers.

2.Potential of artificial intelligence

This technology with a combination of machine learning has brought tremendous changes in cybersecurity. AI has been paramount in building automated security systems natural language processing face detection and automatic threat detection. Although also being used to develop smart malware and attacks to bypass the latest security protocols in controlling data.

3.Mobile is the new target

Cybersecurity trends provide a considerable increase for mobile banking malware or attacks in making our handheld devices a potential prospect for hackers. All our photos, financial transactions, emails, and messages possess more threats to individuals.

4.Cloud is also potentially vulnerable

The organizations now established on clouds, security measures need to be continuously monitored and updated to safeguard the data from leaks. Although cloud applications such as Google or Microsoft are well equipped with security from their end the user end that acts as a significant source for erroneous errors malicious software, and phishing attacks.

5.Data breaches prime target

Data continue to be a leading concern for organizations around the world. Whether it be for an individual or organization safeguarding digital data is the primary goal now.

6.New era of technology and risks

Even the world most used browser supported by Google Chrome was found to have serious bugs. 5G architecture is comparatively new in the industry and requires a lot of research to find loopholes to make the system secure from external attack. Every step of the 5G network might bring a plethora of network attacks that we might not be aware of.

7.Automation and integration

The size of data multiplying every day is eminent that automation is integrated to give more sophisticated control over the information. Modern hectic work demand also pressurizes professionals and engineers to deliver quick and proficient solutions, making automation more valuable than ever.

8.Targeted ransomware

Another important cybersecurity trend that we seem to ignore is targeted ransomware. Especially in the developed nations’ industries rely heavily on specific software to run their daily activities.

9.State sponsored cyber warfare

There won be any stoppage between the western and eastern powers in attempts to find superiority. The tension between the US and Iran or Chinese hackers often creates worldwide news though the attacks are few they have a significant impact on an event such as elections.

10.Insider threats

Human error is still one of the primary reasons for the data breach. bad day or intentional loophole can bring down a whole organization with millions of stolen data. Report Verizon in data breach gives strategic insights on cybersecurity trends that percent of total attacks were directly or indirectly made the employees.


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