Top 6 Cloud Service Providers Who’ll Dominate The Cloud War

As 2020 begins, top cloud service providers want to bolster their positions with their core abilities, plans, and method closer to the marketplace. The credit for the assertion of public cloud wars goes to the cloud giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. New emerging and large scale players like IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and SalesForce also are aiming at keeping the battle in opposition to the marketplace leaders.

Top cloud service providers


Microsoft entered the cloud war relatively late, its deep association in all of the layers of the cloud has pushed the employer to the pinnacle. Additionally, its unmatched dedication to developing and assisting clients to install Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern production environments, in addition to its market-leading revenue, have allowed Microsoft to remain at the top of the heap.

Cloud Service Providers - Microsoft


Maybe the nice #2 competitor in any class, Amazon, and its AWS cloud service providers unit have emerged as one of the international’s maximum progressive and influential tech groups. The undisputed category king in the cloud, Amazon has to turn out to be an international phenomenon in the tech international and has made itself a highly relied on and valued companion to builders and the broader class of what it calls “builders.”

  • Amazon has boosted its hybrid abilities with its new Outposts services that positioned AWS hardware internal customer facts centers.
  • In one of the maximum extensive developments inside the cloud in all of 2018, Amazon stated that it’s miles ripping all of its Oracle databases and replacing them with home-grown technology. If Amazon can display that it’s very own databases can run its business without a hitch, with a purpose to open up a potentially big new enterprise possibility for AWS.

Google cloud

It becomes one of the most important collaborations of the final year. They have proved an organization grip over the banking and finance sector through getting HSBC as a client. Around equal time, Google had reported a median sales of eight billion dollars a year through its cloud business.

Google Cloud

The organization has made several changes frequently to make its mark as an agency cloud computing giant. One such alternate turned into the simplification of contract situations and terms, at the side of compliance certifications. Recently, the organization has received a Looker platform that offers analytical answers to cloud customers.

GCP offers the most inexpensive cloud service providers in the marketplace. They are actively obtaining SMB’s or the companies that can provide a guide in making the migration system smoother and faster.


SAP- a German multinational software corporation- has a charming evolution, moving from standard software for real-time statistics processing to cloud applications (SaaS) for all strains of business and a marketplace-main cloud platform. For decagon, SAP has been the arena leader in the disciplines of cloud computing and company applications, with strategic acquisitions and tolerate innovations.

Under CEO Bill McDermott, sturdy partnerships with Google and Amazon had been made to complement the corporation’s long-status tie-ups with Microsoft and IBM, all of which helped it gain a heightened feel of self-assurance from its customers.

Cloud Service Providers - SAP


When compared to other gamers in this list, Oracle Cloud lags somewhere at the back of. To keep its presence inside the cloud race, it is making use of the sizeable presence of its software in data centers of existing customers. Its tie-up with Microsoft in delivering cloud has additionally proved to be advantageous. The mixture of these two offerings is likewise being provided in Canada.

Oracle Cloud


IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, and Google are combating it out for the third position as the best agency cloud. What is specifically interesting is the approach employed via IBM to leave the opposition in the back of and turn out to be the top corporation cloud platform.

IBM’s exceptional bets come within the shape of the Internet of Things, Cognitive Computing, and Blockchain. These services are built on the groundwork of Watson and Bluemix – the cloud and AI platforms from IBM. Both Watson and Bluemics have emerged as the large differentiating factors for the organization.


A few key blessings of cloud computing

  1. Cloud computing allows a commercial enterprise to cut their operational and glued monthly costs of hardware, databases, servers, software program licenses. Eventually, it will lessen the need for IT sources, including people. All hardware, database servers, internet servers, software program, products, and services are hosted inside the cloud and delivered to an account as needed.
  1. Cloud computing is scalable and reliable. There isn’t any restriction on the variety of users or resources. Furthermore, the cloud increases processing and resources as needed. If you do not need assets, you could constantly scale down.
  1. Cloud computing gives maintainability and automatic updates of recent software programs, OS, databases, and third-birthday party software. It also reduces IT labor value for a commercial enterprise.
  1. Cloud service carriers have information facilities in numerous locations, which makes them faster and more reliable. Larger agencies including Microsoft and AWS even have statistics facilities around the sector.


In 2020, we will expect agencies to have a developing line of cloud offerings at their disposal for speed software deployments, beautify security, control workload effectively, and utilize additive technologies like Edge, Machine Learning, and greater. This decade will witness the brave new international of cloud a good way to deliver value, responsiveness, and resiliency.