How To Build Augmented Reality Mobile Apps?

Building an AR application is a serious task and takes a high level of expertise and a lot of time. If you are a total stranger to software and languages such as Java & C++, we’d highly recommend that you hire a professional or a team of experts. Otherwise, you can also learn how to create augmented reality mobile apps. It has different platforms that will help you create the AR application.

Build augmented reality mobile apps

  1. Market research

The best way to research the market is by checking related applications on Google Play Store and App Store. Download related apps to check their features, Check their performance, UI/UX design, speed, feedback, and ratings.

  1. Set your requirements

Here is the list of requirements you need to consider for app development. It will also be easy for you to explain your requirements to capability app developers.

  • The type of mobile apps, such as native and hybrid.
  • Your choices of platforms, such as iOS, Android, and AR platforms.
  1. Start working on your application

AR experts, who can understand your requirements and also satisfy them as suggested. But before that, you will want to lease an expert company that has hands-on experience developing AR apps. To pick the best AR development company, consider the following factors. Once you hire developers, you and developers can start working on your AR application to give your potential customers first-rate solutions.

  1. Publish your app

The process to post your app to App Store may take some days, relying on the app’s quality and the manner you’ve got observed the iOS development guidelines. Google Play Store doesn’t have a review system, and your app will be available within a few hours after the submission.

  1. Mobile AR development

If you’re an augmented reality mobile developer, it can be tough to choose between developing AR apps for Android, iOS, or both. Android and iOS both have helpful SDK’s and choosing any OS is good. Ideally, you can pick a platform that lets you develop a cross-platform AR application, providing extra depth and reaching a larger audience.

Best tools to create augmented reality apps

  1. VuForia

VuForia Toolkit is considered one of the best platforms for the development of AR. It offers an impressive range of useful features which makes it the first choice for many developers and helps all Android and iOS.

  1. ARToolkit

AR Toolkit is another popular option as an open-source tool for AR-based applications developments. The rich set of features it provides like the support for both single and twin cameras was found extremely useful by developers. It even incorporates a Digital compass and GPS, which makes the creation of location-based AR almost effortless. 

  1. Google ARCore

With millions of users under its belt, it has also allowed developers to have another loose choice when it comes to AR development. ARCore is also loaded with cool features making it a wonderful AR device. Features of ARCore include monitor tracking, mild estimation, and environment understanding, among others.

  1. MAXST

Another main AR development toolkit, MAXST gives kinds of software for developers. You can either create a 2D SDK that tracks pics or a 3D SDK that acknowledges the environment. The 3D option has features like SLAM and occlusion effect while the 2D feature comes with multiple photo recognition.


Augmented reality is the future and companies should not lose sight of its opportunities. This kind of technological advance lets in explore new options and channels while communicating with users.