How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

Android is a broadly used Operating system currently. It has become a public platform for Android app developers. With each update, Google is continuously improving and new features. Here, we explain how Android 11 features impact your mobile apps.

New in android 11

Android dev preview is launched in 3 sections with one of a kind features in them. The first release becomes on twenty-first Feb, 2d on 18th March, and 1/3 on 23rd April.

Android 11 features impact your mobile apps

Chat bubbles

It becomes predicted that Google will deliver chat heads like Facebook to all of the messaging apps in Android 10. The chat bubbles at the moment are included within the first developer preview of Android eleven. This new characteristic has a UI that will help you get right of entry to a couple of conversations through a bubble. The chat bubble could be seen on the display of any app and it can benefit different messaging apps inclusive of Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

5G experiences

5G brings continuously faster speeds and decrease latency to more users around the world. With 5G you can extend your Wi-Fi app experiences — inclusive of streaming 4K video or loading higher-res game assets – to cell users, or you could construct new reviews designed especially for 5G. In Android 11 features impact your mobile apps, we’re enhancing and updating the existing connectivity APIs so that you can take advantage of 5G’s stepped forward speeds.

5G Technology

One-time permission

In Google’s quest to best Android protection and privacy, the company will release a new option inside the platform’s permission machine. In Android 10, you have the choice to grant an app two distinctive permissions for vicinity access: While Using The App or Deny. In Android 11 features impact your mobile apps, brand new permission will appear: Only This Time. In different words, users will be capable of supply an app permission to use location to get entry to once.

Motion sense gesture

This characteristic will best be on the Pixel line of devices, at least inside the beginning. The characteristic lets in you to pause/play with a Motion Sense gesture. So while being attentive to track, you may gesture with your tool to pause or play the modern tune. This could be handy if you constantly want to pause your song to speak with a real human.

Silence notifications during recording

It’s quite demanding when you’re seeking to make an exquisite video of the panorama around you, or in case you need to seize an acquainted second and a notification pops up. Besides, now with Android 11 features impact your mobile apps, you’ll have uninterrupted video recording with all notifications disabled at some point in the recording.


Scoped storage

Google brought SAF with Android Lollipop to help developers get entry to filesystems like a photo editor or document manager. But builders have been refraining from the usage of the SAF, due to its negative reliability and performance issues.

SAF changed into a step from Google to ensure, restricted get admission to public files for builders and it was an ambitious circulate for a cell OS to encourage greater stable measures. But, its restricted usage by builders because of performance issues made android reconsider its strategy.


Privacy is one of the foremost matters for Android developers. In each version, they in no way overlook to feature protection and growth transparency and manipulate.  In Android 10 “While app in use” permission alternative is given to the consumer to govern over their vicinity and limit background vicinity get entry to. When it involves Android 11 one-time permission is delivered. This function is introduced to increase user safety. 

Media control moved to quick settings

The communication is considered to be extra prioritized within the Android 11 notification panel.  So that the media manipulate which placed in the notification panel.  When one swipe down the notification panel, a media control widget, and quick setting can be displayed.

Scheduled dark topic

I’m going to confess: I’m no longer partial to the dark subject matter on Android. But that has nothing to do with the platform or its take on the function-I simply don’t care for the stark contrast of the look. Also, I not often use my Android device inside the darkish. My Kindle stays in the darkish mode most of the time, so I understand the attraction of the characteristic.

Adaptation on different screen types

If there may be one area where we will say that authentic advancements have passed off inside the Android ecosystem, it’s miles in phrases of foldable devices. 2020 is going to witness a lot of new additions within the foldable phone market – all walking at one of a kind screen sizes and resolutions.

Pin apps on the share menu

The Android 10 model modified the user’s interplay with the Share menu and now with the Android present-day model, you have the option to pin apps that you percentage the maximum at the Share menu. The apps that use Android’s native percentage display will have this feature.

Impact of android 11 on your mobile app

You can restrict when the permission conversation appears: In the brand new version, repeated requests for unmarried permission could be discouraged. If an app user selects ‘Deny’ twice for the same permission, it will routinely assume ‘Don’t Ask Again’.

App usage stats will continue to be private: Taking forward the time table of users’ safety, the brand new Android 11 functions, the app usage information are stored in the credential encrypted storage. Therefore, neither any app nor system can be capable of access the information unless coding is done.

Greater aid for neural community applications: If a utility is jogging based on neural networks and machine learning, Android eleven will make it greater beneficial. With the help of new Neural Networks API 1.3, Android 11 is supporting the Machine Learning apps to paintings seamlessly at the device.

Android 11 features impact your mobile apps


Don’t forget that all these capabilities of the developer’s preview are an early version of what to expect later within the year. To make a more future-proof app, it is higher to lease an Android developer and go away it to them. Don’t hold your hopes too excessive as a number of the above-mentioned features may not be included within the very last release just like Android 10.