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With the dynamics of the job market has changed today, more companies are looking to save on the costs of the interviewing and hiring process. Understanding the need, a foremost recruiting company planned to grow a Job Portal, where Job Searcher and Job Provider could meet each other virtually. A profile of the candidate can aid reduce the time employers spend in selecting prospective candidates. 

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Strong search criteria to produce maximum results for job seekers and innovative search separated into three portions like search through keyword, industry, and select city

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A recruiting company itself can register with Apply mobile app to search candidates for the essential jobs. When a worker logs in as a company, plenty of related details such as company name, business, scope, and other data are required to be confirmed.

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A job seeker can just sync LinkedIn or Facebook profile to log in. Once logged in, the applicant is expected to update their details and upload a resume to fortify their submission for the job application.


  • Job seekers can upload resumes

  • Post job openings and vacancies

  • Global platform for job seekers and companies

  • Ragister company profile

  • Shortlisted candidate

  • Filtering Candidate and companies of interest

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Download the app for free, make within seconds an account and browse directly to thousands of jobs and candidates on your phone.

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