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E-comics is an app for book lovers to list all the books they want to read, are now reading, and what’s in their private library. Read your beloved books on the train, below the tree, on the mountain top or wherever you feel like with E-comics Book.


E-comics is an app for book fans to list all the books they want to read, are now reading, and anything’s in their library. The app’s features are to be created on user research and testing, and E-comics also needs new branding and a sign. 

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Find and read your beloved book with comfort taking help from e-comics without any hustle of going over too many books at once.  A user-friendly, clean and well-categorized app design that lets readers simply access all of them to-read lists, list their books and discover where they can buy their next book. It’s a tiny library in your pocket.



Selecting, receiving, and discovering digital content with our E-comics app becomes suitable and pretty affordable for the customer. Meanwhile, editors share their book collections with the E-comics service, and all their digital content is well protected from illegal sharing.


Browse the most popular free books, search and find a book you love. Download it today to start reading or writing your original stories!

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