AVM Chips & Snacks

Ordering Food and Snacks online

AVM Cafe


AVM is an on-demand delivery service that supplies its customers with student, workplace, party and home essentials, snacks, drinks, icy food, foodstuffs, and electronics. Users just need to select the platform they like (iOS or Android), order things, and collect them in just 30 minutes or less. There is no need to go to the store anymore! Just a few clicks and customers can get what they need, be it in the early morning or late in the evening.

AVM Chips & Snacks


Challenges faced by our customer the efficient way of ordering foods and delivery. The challenge passed by the client was more than just creating the app for ordering and delivery business. 

AVM Chips & Cafe

UI Design

To offer a solid base for development, our creator and designer created the wireframes for all platforms with more than 30 screens. Later, the team groomed and completed the UI mockups.

AVM - screens


We listened to the client carefully and collected their unplanned app idea and started studying the building of the desired food ordering app for their business model and target audience.

AVM Snacks & Cafe - home


Our team of app developers evaluated all the challenges and came up with a result that can take care of all the delivery needs, schedules, and tasks of multiple cafeterias. With the help of this solution now you can bring all your orders to your clients via delivery boys. This result also helps you to discover the most appropriate delivery boy for an order.


Ordering FOOD and SNACKS Online is easy in AVM app!

Track your order, LIVE: You can place your order and track the live status on the app.

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