Best Apps for Voice Navigation and GPS Route Tracking

GPS route tracking and voice navigation apps have completely changed the way we travel these days. You can have access to turn-by-turn direction finding, whole traffic details, the best way to a destination, hotels near and many other kinds of handy road details, all in the palm of your finger. Here the best voice navigation and GPS route tracking apps for android.

Best Voice Navigation Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps is generally winning the crown of being the best GPS route tracking apps for Android workers of this generation. Not only does it make navigation and location finding easier and faster, but it also supports you discover the best purposes and locality and gives accurate information you need to reach the preferred location.

Voice navigation Apps - Google Maps


Glympse is the best GPS route tracking apps for Android that has outstanding control to track your location without bargaining your confidentiality. You can simply track a delivery, know the careful location of friends and coworkers, or inform people in your contact about their location. Glympse also keeps your device from possible theft. Its user-friendly border has social capabilities that make location tracking effortless.


Sygic is the free offline GPS route tracking apps in the Google Play Store. The firm has a contract with TomTom, permitting it to offer offline maps for each country in the world. Further important features contain voice navigation apps, free map informs, and ordinary GPS navigation for when you’re on foot. The app can even aid save you cash. If you have an internet connection, it will repeatedly alert you around the inexpensive nearby parking lots and air stations, as well as providing info about forthcoming speed cameras. Sygic bids both a free and a paid type. You can go the paid version for seven days when you first copy the app.


This app is mostly focused on following your dear ones, friends, family or anyone essential to you. TheTruthSpy app gives you access to a large number of inventive features that lets you remotely track your phone. These topographies will work in the background of your smartphone.

CoPilot GPS

In-car navigation is the primary emphasis of CoPilot GPS. People on foot must avoid it. The app excels in route planning. For each journey, it gives you three separate options. And for each of the three routes, you can add up to 52 singular waypoints. CoPilot also has thousands of offline positions such as hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and places of interest. You can usage the search feature to find them even if you’re in offline mode.

Copilot GPS - Route Tracking App

HERE WeGo Maps

HERE WeGo is unique of only a few grave competitors to Google Maps in the direction-finding app space. It structures a simple, graceful interface with mapping options all over the creation. You can copy maps for offline use in your province. That should aid in zones with spotted data networks. HERE also displays your road traffic information, public transportation maps, and you can modify them by saving places for fast guidelines later. It’s all able to use. There is too a map maker app that can let you change maps as well.


MapOut is an enormously customizable map app for iOS that delivers you full control over your maps. You can draw on the maps and create your waypoints to follow. Also download complete region map and track places, areas, mountains in together 2D and 3D views.

MapOut - Navigation and Route tracking

Maps and Waze

Google Maps and Waze are together first-rate GPS apps. They are similarly both by Google. Google Maps is a type of calculating pole for voice navigation apps. It takes tons of places, reviews, commands, and street-level photography of maximum places. Also, it has availability features and you can download maps for offline use. Waze is a tiny more humble. It’s great for guidelines, particularly on road trips or everyday travels. It uses user data to show belongings like road traffic jams, police locations, and other beneficial info. You can’t go wrong anyway. They are equally quite good, even if they help different types of persons.

Life 360

Life 360 is pretty a popular family tracing app broad with a series of amazing features. Its actual usability is that operators can add loops and groups for their family and friends to sense their places along with a log of their past places. This Android GPS chaser app also has extra driving support. It has the capability to sense smash, send emergency mails and size up your driving design.

Navigation and Map - Life 360


MAPS.ME is a free GPS route tracking apps. If you want offline voice navigation apps, it’s absolutely worth glance out. In off mode, you can like full-featured voice navigation apps, search purpose, re-routing design, and public transport. You will also see cafes, ATMs, and places of curiosity. If you’re online, you can send your place with friends, add bookmarks, and also make hotel reservations without exit the app. This makes it an excessive Android app for traveling. 

The maps are saved up-to-date by OpenStreetMap and are totally open source. The designers behind the app have also completed potential. All maps and structures will be free continually; there are no strategies to introduce a rating structure. MAPS.ME is ad-supported and you can pay to eliminate them.

Gps Route Tracking Apps -Maps.ME App


OsmAnd is a dissimilar kind of voice navigation apps. It provides direction to people who need offline maps. You can copy a group of them and a maximum of them are pretty good. The free type of the app has a download bound. You can buy additional downloads through in-app purchases. Some features contain an offline search, turn-by-turn following, maps for things other than driving, and more. It’s perhaps not as good as somewhat like HERE or Google Maps for online use, but it’s amongst the best offline GPS apps available in the google play store.


XNSPY is one of the most popular and powerful, non-intrusive mobile racking app. This tracking app is an all-in-one maternal app and at the same time worker monitoring software that can save the users updated on doings in real-time.