Ultimate Guide to Geofencing For Mobile Apps

The world of mobile marketing is moving to more relevant, contextual targeting. Time and location is the most important part, Mobile is continuously on the change and therefore an inherently location-based channel. As an effect, technologies that blow into location-based advertising, such as geofencing app and beacons, are getting more and more popular with businesses.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a feature in mobile applications that custom the radio frequency identification (RFID) or global positioning system or to spot geographical restrictions. Using this method, companies set up activates when a mobile device arrives or exits the limits that are defined by the officer. These triggers are regularly in the form of push notifications.

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Basic Requirements for Geofencing

Proper Permission

Each app that would be consuming geofence needs to get the place permission from the app user. Typically, companies ask for permission to get the users’ location external app’s UI. The permission is added through appeal prompts when the user initial opens the app. Managers get a notification about each authorization update, which allows them to follow their viewers closely.

Define Each Geo-Fence

  • Latitude, longitude, and radius of the geofence limit (for circular shapes).
  • The ID of the geofence.
  • The types of events that the admin wants to be reported.
  • Time describes how much time the user can visit the app and get a notification.

Benefits of Geofencing App

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, geofencing app has developed a standard repetition for plenty of industries. After a geographic element has been definite, the probabilities are limitless for what industries can do, and it has become most popular in social media and play store.

Use It for Local Optimization

Geofence is a hugely powerful method to help your business rank high in local hunts. The cause for this is that location-based system permits you to briskly target local clients in a specific area. The other important feature is it makes your note more relevant and timelier.

Geofencing App - Local Optimization


Geofence app can also be supported with telematics, permitting companies to draw virtual zones around places, work zones, and secure areas. They can be started by a truck or a person and guide notices or signs to the operative.

Geofencing App - Pre-Launch Marketing

Market Research

Estimating the dynamics of market location and get-together useful information mainly rests on the nature of your mobile app. The target viewers can do miracles in the successful launch of your app. The geofencing app helps you to carry out your homework which contains pre-launch actions that will authorize your idea.

Social Networking

One of the most familiar uses for the geofencing app comes in the method of popular social networking apps most remarkably, Snapchat. Location-based stickers, screens, and other shareable information are all thru feasible with the geofence app. Whether you’re with an aided filter at a performance, using a customized filter for a colleague’s birthday or share to public, location-based sectors, it’s all thanks to this simulated framework.

Geofence Used for Social Media

User Engagement

Geofence is a lot of peoples involved in conduct shows, events, holidays, fairs and more. For instance, an event place can use a geofence to upload social media posts or browse info about the place or event.

Geofencing- User Engagement


Geofence might look offensive and it completely has the latent to rarely feel like an outplay dependent on how it’s used. Though, a geofencing app can too be used to bring more safety to your mobile device. For instance, you unlock your home using a geofence mobile app or someone enters your home to get alert or notification.

How does Geofence work?

Geofencing app developers first to make a virtual design about the location using GPS or RFID allowed software. This can be as modest as a round drawn 200 feet rounded a place on Google Maps, as specified using APIs when creating a mobile app. This simulated geofence will then start a reply when an accepted device arrives or exits that sector, as definite by the manager or developer.

Working of Geofencing App

A geofence also known by end-users prevailing geofence services in their mobile apps. These apps, such as iOS Notices, enable you to enter an address or place where you need to trigger an exact alert or push notification. This is named an “if this, then that” command, where an app is planned to activate an action based on another action.

Where Geofencing Used

There is no tough and fast rule about the placement of geofences. Mobile app developers should put geofences near any place where they hope to involve with or increase valued perceptions about their target viewers.

Where Geofence used

A few main thoughts to study for geofences are:

  • Public location of the notice
  • Common events
  • Competitors spaces
  • Airports
  • Block & Mortar places

Limitations of Geofencing


Geofence is a technology that needs approval or contribution from the user. For the sake of confidentiality and to prevent nursing, people might not give your app permission to your app to the admission device position.


Geofence is current when customer data from other foundations are militarized in unison. So, geofence is not a self-governing technology for gaining quality business intelligence.

Battery Usage

Most of the mobile phones are too demanding on the battery lifetime and these make the users go the feature off. Many users even prefer to sidestep apps with geofencing ability because of this.

App developers send push notifications using a marketing computerization tool. On a higher premium level, it is quite a similar process as to how an email is sent. Rendering to a study, there have been over 197 billion downloads.

Future of Geofencing

Still, most of the people in the world are unaware of Geofencing. The demand for Geofencing is growing day by day like Global positioning system. Now geofencing is available in mobile apps such as Apple Maps, Sephora, Google maps, and Spyzie, many others. According to the speed in the start of technology and innovations, in future Geofencing may be used in Coffee machine, Construction, Automatic doors, and many other places. 

Future of Geofencing


Geofencing is a profitable tool to join better with customers. Creating a mobile app with geofencing technology, you can give your business a good advantage. If done correctly, geofencing can shape loyalty, make real-time engagement, and exploit path-to-purchase changes.

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