The Complete Guide to How to Make Money from Apps

Nowadays, money-making is the most significant thing in every part to lead a prestigious life.
Everyone is using mobile phones and among them, most of them do not know that they can earn money while sitting at their home and spending time on their Smartphone. On the way, today we are going to show you how you can make money from apps. 

With a mobile application, industries can sell their services and products directly to the clients. This is the primary source of income for every business vertical. However, other app monetization methods support you to earn money. Therefore, investing money in app development will never be a bad idea. Let us explore these approaches to understand how you can control them for your business.

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Tips to Earn Money from Mobile Apps

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are a very popular strategy used by lots of apps in both the App Store and Google Play Store. In-app purchases let users purchase something exactly in the app.

Earn Money - In-App Purchase

There are three types of in-app purchases:

  • Consumable – Consumables are goods that a user can use only once: for example, virtual money or health points. Such in-app purchases are generally used in mobile games.
  • Non-consumable – Non-consumables are featuring that users purchase for permanent use: for example, added functions or adblocking.
  • Subscriptions – Your mobile application may offer subscriptions that unlock some content or functions for a certain time. Subscriptions can be either non-renewing or automatically renewing.

In-App Ads

Using ads to monetize apps and make money from apps is pretty simple. An app owner just wants to display ads inside their mobile app and get paid from the third-party ad networks. You can get paid every time an ad is showed, per click on the ad, and when a user installs the advertised app.

Make Money from In-App Ads

There are some ways to display ads on your mobile app:

Banners: Banner ads generally appear at the top or bottom of a screen and have some text and pictures. Banners are measured to be relatively unremarkable; customers can retain using your mobile app even if a banner is active. However, banners have low click-through rates (CTR) and deeply depend on brand recognition.

Earn Money - Banner Ads

Native Ads: Native ads are flawlessly integrated into mobile applications, making them delicate but pretty effective. Native ads are combined to appear as a usual element in the app. Most of the times, it is displayed to promote a product or a mobile app. This method is receiving more and more popular these days because the customers are less annoyed and disturbing with such ads. However, one point that you need to know about native ads is that their income can be pretty low related to other methods. And despite the mobile app developers think of native ads as the finest strategy, it is the most hated by users.

Make Money From Apps - Native Ads

Interstitial ads: These types of ads are presented usually between the actions or the pause between game levels. Interstitial ads cover the full screen of their crowd app. Whenever an application displays an interstitial ad, the user has the choice to any tap on the ad and continue to its endpoint or close it and coming back to the app.

Video ads: These ads are shown automatically and commonly used as a payment video in exchange for some in-app reward. For example, by seeing the ad video, the user can get the app and earn money which can be useful for either solving levels in the game or receiving additional features.

Earn Money - App Subscription


Subscriptions can be a pretty useful monetization strategy. App publishers can select to offer free content in their apps for a restricted amount of time and then charge users for a payment fee that will allow them to access full pleased without any limits. The popular and mutual technique used by the majority of free app publishers is to offer a free test period and then charge the subscription fee to those who wish to stay to access the app content.


Sponsorship in your application can be a prevailing app monetization strategy if the app publisher creates the right niche app for a targeted audience and promotion it on behalf of another company.

Alike to websites, app publishers essential to consider patrons whose target audience is the same as the one being addressed by the app. Before building the app, making a list of administrations and brands who could use from the partnership is a good starting point.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has constantly been and still is an influential money-making or earn money strategy. You can leverage this method and request the users of your mobile app to offer their emails and, later, send them messages. Adding a Facebook login choice to your free app is a great way to faintly collect user emails. However, give users a chance to stop email notifications, as this will make your app more reliable and people will identify they won’t be receiving loads of spam.

Make Money From Apps - Email Marketing


Another monetization way to make money from apps is crowdfunding, which is new in the business. In this method, startups and companies share their knowledge on platforms like Pateron, Kickstarter, Fundable, Crowd Supply, Indiegogo and Chuffed in search of aids to fund the development and promotion of the application.

Make Money from Apps -Crowd Funding

According to Mobile App Development Stack reports, non-gaming mobile apps are highly desirable in crowdfunding. there were around 138 non-gaming apps that known to raised fund between $9,000-$10,000 as compared to 29 mobile games that got a similar funding goal.


With so many app monetization methods to make money from apps, it is important to note that each method has its benefits and drawbacks. However, trying out these strategies and analyzing what contestants are doing is a good starting point. So when starting your mobile app development, you should take the app structure and target audience into consideration before choosing the monetization strategy.

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