Project Description

Image editing for e-commerce store selling apparel, furniture, and kitchenware


The Client:

A US-based eStore selling apparel, furniture, and kitchenware produced by leading American manufacturers.

Project requirements:

The client was keen that his eStore bears a stylish look and he wanted only the best quality, appealingly pleasing product images. Further, he wanted his product images to signify the actual product with the highest fidelity. The apparel images, thus, had to be intense enough to convey a feeling of the texture of the fabric. The images also had to capture with 100% accuracy the very exact shade of the apparel colors. The furniture and kitchenware images, on the other hand, were required to have a 3D feel. Also, all parts of the furniture and kitchenware images required to be evenly lit. The uniformity of lighting was especially important with the kitchenware images in order to enable the shoppers to make a fair estimate of their features.

The Challenges

  • The product images had been picked up from the manufacturers’ websites and were of a very patchy quality. The color and contrast needed to be corrected on all of them.

  • The very large number of the product images, there were about 120,000 of them. The project, however, had to be turned around on an urgent basis as client’s business was suffering.

  • Besides the color and contrast, the light was a problem on all product images, they were either under-lit or over-lit.

  • Shadow effects had to be created around the furniture and kitchen ware images so that they acquired a 3D feel.

  • The product images had to be mined from their backgrounds which were either cluttered or in various colors.

Our Solution:

We began by unraveling the apparel, furniture and kitchenware images. Following this, we formed 3 teams of photo editors. The first took charge of the apparel images, the 2nd of the furniture images and the third of the kitchenware images.

The team editing the apparel images made liberal use of the dodge, burn and refining tools in Photoshop to ensure that they intensely conveyed a sense of their texture. They also painstakingly adjusted the light on each apparel image to certify that colors were not distorted. The teams editing the furniture and kitchenware images made the light on them steady by using the shadow and highlight adjustment option in Photoshop.

They also adjusted the color and contrast of each image and created shadow effects on them. In the end, our photo editors extracted all three kinds of product images from their backgrounds using the Photoshop lasso tool. The mined images were then joined on uniformly colored backgrounds.

The edited images were handed over to our image optimization experts who ensured that they are of the right size and resolution. In the end, we gave every product image SEO friendly tags.

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