Project Description

Bulk uploading on Amazon / Sataware Amazon & eBay Bulk upload services


The Client:

A leading United States dealer of books

Project requirements:

The client, in order to upsurge sales and spread out to book lovers all over the world, decided to sell on However, because of his huge collection, the client’s book catalog data was very massive and he did not have any prior knowledge of selling in an online marketplace. As a result, the client lacked the wherewithal to upload his catalog data on Amazon by himself.

The client, thus, expected to upload his catalog data on with one hundred percent precision. In addition, he wanted us to place each book under the precise category. We were also expected to write and upload the description of each book and a brief bio of its author.

The Challenges

  • Sorting the books under the right category. Every book had to be placed a category like a biography and memoirs, children’s books, education and reference, literature and fiction. The task needed good application and was also very time-consuming.

  • Special care had to be observed while entering the books’ ISBN numbers. There was no room for mistake and the job had to be done with 100% accuracy.

  • A bulk of the catalog data. We had to upload the name, ISBN, description, etc., of about 18,000 books.

Our Solution:

The project was assigned to a team of 12 Amazon product data entry services specialists. They were further divided into 4 groups, each comprising of 3 specialists. One group took responsibility for entering and uploading the catalog data which had been provided to us in the form of a PDF document. Special attention was taken while entering the ISBN number to ensure that there are no errors.

The 2nd team took care of the taxonomy and assured that each book is positioned under the right category. The 3rd team collected data on each book – the year of its publication, its reception and a basic outline of its plot or the subject dealt with it and its author on the internet.

All this data was then shortened in brief 4 or 5 sentence descriptions and bios and uploaded on Today, the client’s business has improved significantly and has customers all over the world.

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