Web Apps that Look, Feel and Function like a Native App

The landscape of mobile platforms is extremely fragmented. But in mobile web apps, you have a solution that cuts through this fragmentation. At sataware , we create web apps that offer native like functionality even while running in a browser.

We use our expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design to create a single application that seamlessly works across all devices irrespective of their size, resolution or platform. We focus on delivering high performance apps with a unified user experience; your users will not realize they are not using native apps. sataware uses only the latest development frameworks and technologies to create web apps that deliver high ROI.

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Why Mobile Web Apps Development?

Apart from the fact that mobile web apps are compatible across different mobile OS, there are many other benefits of these apps; these apps can be developed quickly, are affordable and have very low maintenance costs. What’s more, they can be distributed easily; anyone with the URL of your app can access it; the restrictive elements of app store don’t enter the picture.

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