Cloud Based Mobile Apps are the Future of Mobile Computing.
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sataware subscribes to a forward thinking development paradigm. Our cloud based application development services leverage the potential of leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Salesforce. We deliver high performance cloud based applications that offer enterprise grade security, elasticity and scalability. Your app also gets the advantage of powerful integrated services that ensure it keeps delivering high returns through the duration of its lifecycle.

The use of cloud based services allows us to empower the back end infrastructure of the app in a way such that it can scale from tens to hundreds of thousands of users quickly, easily and seamlessly. Our rock solid understanding of mobile application development coupled with the ability to implement relevant cloud services guarantees a mobile app that gives your business the edge it needs to survive and prosper in a highly competitive market.

We Optimize Use of the Cloud’s Delivery
Capabilities to Create Game Changing Apps

Why Cloud Mobile Apps?

All cloud services work on a subscription based model. You pay for what you use. This means you can access the most advanced technology at highly affordable rates. What’s more, these cloud services are reliable and can be scaled up or down as per your requirement.

Faster Prototyping

Next Generation

Future Proof

Rapid Deployment

Rental Economics

A Cloud Empowered App can be the
Best Thing to Happen to your Business

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